We are a leading producer of consumer exhibitions in Singapore for the past 21 years since we first started out in the year 1998 at the then World Trade Centre.

We have been organising numerous exhibitions like HALAL consumer exhibitions and wedding exhibitions averaging 6 events in a calendar year targeting the local Malay/Muslim community.

With the wealth of experiences gained from organising these exhibitions, we have the know-hows and the edge over our competitors in being able to organise a more systematic and organised trade exhibition in Singapore HALAL Food Trade Exhibition.

Singapore HALAL Food Trade Exhibition would be an ideal platform for International Food & Beverage market players to use this exhibition to launch their products and services to the ASEAN countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. With a world recognised HALAL certification body in MUIS and a world-class port, there are no other better location within the south-east region to do trade than in Singapore itself.


Singapore HALAL Food Trade Exhibition 2021 (SIHAT 2021) promised to be an ideal platform for a mega tradeshow event targeting the HALAL Food industry in Asia and beyond. MegaXpress International Pte Ltd, as a locally based event management company that has been organising numerous consumer exhibitions for the past 21 years, we have seen the huge potential in terms of trade within the local HALAL market. And we feel that 2021 would be an ideal time to launch the first ever HALAL trade exhibition filled with International and regional exhibitors from all around the world.

From innovative food ingredients, Halal food and beverages, speciality coffee equipment and accessories, unique tea blends, the latest bakery equipment, the most stylish of tableware and furnishing, to disruptive technology for backend foodservice or for frontend guest experiences and many more, SIHAT 2021 will caters to your every business needs!

 After organising consumer exhibitions for so long, we believed that visitors experience plays a vital part to the success of the event. Thus, in addition to the huge showcase of exhibitors from the world over, a dynamic show floor awaits. SIHAT 2021 will be hosting a series of world-class culinary competitions, workshops as well as a comprehensive range of conferences and seminars, to complete your show experience.

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